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I offer lodging and stays at my house for very reasonable prices during which day-trips can be organized to the Normandy seashore and countryside nearby and also to Paris (both less than one and half hours away), particularly the China Town area from which I am an old former long-time resident. During stays, overview-lectures about my lengthy research on Kalachakra the famous Buddhist deity can be done. I'm now the world authority on this secret deity on which no research is made public by Tibetans, seeing a kind of historical and cultural taboo surrounds it. It is indeed prophecied to be brought to the world by Westerners.

It is a most fascinating deity because it does in truth not concern only the Tibetan Buddhists, but people of all faiths particularly Christians, about whom it speaks at length; and indeed, it's prophecies deal with the revealing of the link between Tibetan culture and Christianity. Incredibly so, it shows that the mythical kingdom of the Revelation which the Middle Ages was rife with, is indeed this kingdom of Shambhala of Kalachakra. In the Middle Ages Rome called this kindgom, the "Kingdom of Prester John". This was thought to bring the revelation and Apocalypse by Christians and to save it and bring the Messiah.

For all practical information about travel directions and reservations, please contact me here: geir.smith@yahoo.fr


1. Apologies for mistakes. 2. Disaster in seeing the inadequate French attitude towards learning. 3. Miracle of finding the Holy Dharma, Guru, and that he teach to me.  4. Misery of seeing the world not heed Dharma and head for hell.  5. Repairing, atoning and redeeming for sins by making offering of my house to the lama. 

I've been dealing with political matters for several years now on forums and websites, and I regret this, as my research is about Kalachakra and not such politics.

I wish for Margarita at Phayul forum to accept my sincere sadness about my affected her faith in the religion, if that was the case.


Regrets expressed to all those concerned by the lengthy accusations made during a long time !

I, Geir Smith,  have been party to accusations for a long time claiming among others that my lama's books were stolen and that the Dalai Lama, his brother Gyalo Thondup, and what is known as the TGIE in Dharamsala, were party to murders of high Tibetan and Buddhist personnages.

I deeply regret this and extend my most sincere sadness for this to all those that this targeted and to those also that may have been discouraged and lost faith in the Buddha due to this as indeed my goal was in no way to see this happen and this was a very bad mistake on my part.

I wish all the above thus to receive my heart-felt regret, among which the Dalai Lama, the Chenrezig Incarnation, so that the peoples' faith and love for him may be reinforced and sustained for ever.

Also, I want to particularly express my regrets to not only my lama, but his wife and children for the bad results I have certainly made them experience; also, those who have been the brunt of my anger on Internet in forums or newsgroups, I sincerely regret if any bad consequences have occurred from that for them.

My goal was not that but that the faith in Buddha be strengthened and never diminished, and that now that bad times have come, that the prophecy of Kalachakra's revealing happen. From now, by the grace of Lord Kalachakra, which I have researched deeply about, I will strive by all my efforts to solely further the good of sentient beings, so that they may all attain Nirvana without exception.

May all sentient beings attain Nirvana !

My lama's biography. Tai-Shi. Floral parks. My biography : coming shortly.

French people do not understand English, misinterpret, misjudge and misunderstand what is said in it, and live thus in a small, closed world of warped-perception (monde tordu). I am presently the world's sole foremost scholar of Kalachakra and would welcome anyone who is capable of discussing the topic and the subject to speak up about it because now I only have silence, ignorance and dumbness to fill the abyss of darkness of the intellect, which is around me. Unless someone is able to pose an intellectual challenge I'd request them to please remain quiet and keep their peace, because my sole goal is intellectual pursuit so as to realize the prophecy of the coming of the Lord, of Shambhala Kalachakra in our time, here quickly. Dog-yammering is not helpful, beautiful or even human. Contrary to this, I totally welcome any intellectual exchange on the subject of Kalachakra that anyone wil want to provide. As for empty criticism devoid of any ideas which are put forth, merely making empty attacks without any intellectual backing I don't even judge such to be worthy of any answer. Kalachakra is a subject based upon intellectual knowledge and not a matter of blind faith where one just believes or follows like sheep-herds. Unless one can formulate one's thoughts and express them then no exchange is desirable or to be wished for. Indeed, I would not talk to someone I don't speak the language of: and likewise I will not involve in talking to someone who is incapable of expressing their ideas, criticisms or meaning. Without meaning, the Kalachakra prophecy, the advent of the King of Shambhala, and the revealing of Truth will not happen.

And all those that would speak by just making noise, without meaning, are not agents of Kalachakra's destiny.

The present world is the product of the past and of the karma brought forward from our deeds of yore. Kalachakra is the Lord of Time because he brings forth that past vividly and uncovers what was covered up and hidden, banned from public view by careful suppressing of truth. To think that this world is free from the past and that it is pure somehow is illusory because we see that it is not and is in fact deceit-filled, wrong and evil. By it's fruits, it's results we know it and the seed, the cause the origin resulting in today's world is evil, because it has begotten and produced global warming, the catastrophe announced by Greenpeace, pollution, the end of times for the earth and the end of humans' possibility to live on this earth. If we wonder why the earth is confronted with it's own fall and end, then we must only look at the past, at it's karmic responsability and at it's own past actions. Kalachakra is to reveal all that is covered up and hidden and that it is wished to be still hidden and not revealed by peple that are ashamed of their own responsabiltiy and want that to remain hidden always. Kalachakra and it's Warriors of Shambhala are those that want to reveal this uncover it, and save the world by purifying it of it's evil past, it's deeds, and it's karmic responsability to the world itself unto itself. People who cannot see themselves, their deeds, their past, in the mirror and hide their own evil are the ones that are responsable for the world's downfall and ultimate end. Only by ruthless unveiling, revealing and purifying by this way, will the world be saved and Humanity brought a chance to renew and free itself one more time. That shamefully hidden past of the Kalachakra, and which is to be revealed is what ? It is the role played by the murderous Mongols in the lives of the faiths of Buddhism, Islam and Christianity in the pivotal period between Modernity and the past in 1258. Ignorants will not want to acknowledge this: miscreants will not accept the role of past karma upon present life in our world of today. But they are wrong, the past deeds of yesterday do influence the present world. All the suffering of today issue from the sins of the past. What was carried out yesterday by our ancestors is what we pay for today.

The Kalachakra-Shambhala Kingdom is now revealing itself and this is because hidden things are revealing. I am the world's most intelligent and handsome person. The world's most famously reputed minds such as Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein, these have no idea of the deep methods of realizing Nirvana in this lifetime and thus they are not scholarly. Kalachakra is a Tantric deity of Tibetan Buddhism and preserves these methods and skillful means. Those that claim to have high learning on Kalachakra are expretemely easy to put to fault in outlining their errors of chronolgy that all modern shcolars recognize expect for those very ones who in the West are obstinate in keeping the stupid false and wrong chronological superstitious idiocy that they used and respected in Tibet for Kalachakra. It's a secret chronology not to be interperted in a normal way, but instead in an allusive twilight-language manner, which is that which is typical of all Tantric lore. Modern scholars that want to interpret Tantrism literally are idiotic, stupid and cretinous. This is akin to taking Superman comics in a literal, integral sense,and about as stupid as Taliban Fundamentalism, or Seventh Day Saints that have to revise their end-of-the-world chronology every time hahaha !

Kalachakra's Shambhala realm is announced publically by the fact that jealousy and closed minds rule the world and these people would want to continue the ban under which Kalacakra is kept when when it was in Tibet but I will not let that be and the learning on Kalachakra will spread and rule the world as prophecied in the Tantra. Because Kalachakra was indeed under a ban in Tibet where it was not possible to freely teach or study it's historical background in any depth, for it was an outlawed field for the majority, Tibetan scholarly minds, and it's highest intelligences were thwarted and prevented from attaining it's total understanding, such as it is possible today for someone like me; after twenty five and more years of studying intensively upon that sole subject, alone. Other faiths and modern Materialists cannot rival with the methods of skillful techniques such as Tantra and Mantra; which enable to attain Nirvana in this one lifetime: such as both Tantrism and Kalachakra possess. Modernity is leading us striaght into a brick wall such as Greenpeace announces, such as with global warming etc...

So what we see is this: no other faith has the learning and depth of riches of the practise of Tantrism in the world be it in the faiths of the Book, in non-Tantric Hinduism or in Modern Materislist philosophies be they Capitalism or Communism. These are thus all ignorant in truth, being only partial truths that are not deeply read. Secondly, the so-called proclaimed West's scholars of Kalachakra are not in any way believable, trustworthy or even credible in the least. As for Tibetans they are tightly banned from studying teaching or practising Kalachakra. Controls on this are strict and dangerous, incurring even death penalties or threats. In the world thus, no one practises or teaches or researches Kalachakra with any seriousness, and those that do it - a bit,- are laughable and incompetent clowns.This is why I say I am the world most intelligent and handsome person. One may indeed wonder why I say this, that I am the world's most intelligent and handsome person, so that has now been clearly explained, elucidated and shown for all to see, and all other questions about this are thus to be adressed to me personnally.

French people, cannot say with any exactitude, what I have written or meant or thought.

My research is about Kalachakra  and it's Shambhala Kingdom. (Information about this is now under the secrecy of Tantric Occultism, and all information will be communicated by private contact between me and Shambhala Warriors upon demand by them only.) I'll be writing the developped version of that shortly. I welcome people to stay at my house for studies upon the Kalachakra, to tour the nice countryside of Normandy and to organize travel-studies to Asia, Dharamsala, Tibet, Thailand etc....The Kalachakra-Shambhala Kingdom covers the world over and is based upon morality. It can be visited by studying it. I offer to guide in this study by welcoming people for study-visits at my house at 5, rue du bout de la ville. 27180 Les Ventes, France. A vast collection of books is available to study the Shambhala Kingdom.

Only by studying what the hidden reality of Kalachakra is, can one discover and experience the Realm of Shambhala. Shambhala is prophecied to rule the world to bring it's knowledge to the trouble of modern times, and that is happening 1. by the kingdom being declared; 2. furthermore, the crisis wrought by ecological disaster upon the world seems a sure sign of something off-kilter, recognized by all exception. It is by knowing this that it's Realm will spread rapidly like lightning crossing the sky.

Now to combat erroneous ideas that are spread so as to counter the true Kalachakra's spread: scholars that are reputed such as Alex Berzin have claimed that the Kalachakra Tantra indicates that the prophecy of the appearing of the King of Shambhala will be in four hundred years have been shown false.
Not only are the dates wrong and fallacious, but all the dates of the Kalachakra are erroneous, invented and illusory. And on the contrary, the present apocalyptical times of impending doom that Greenpeace announces for the planet, are beyond any possible doubt also the tragic time anounced by the Kalachakra Tantra and that will bring the advent of the king of Shambhala. Other sure signs predicted in the Kalachakra Tantra, to announce the revealing of Shambhala, such as the fall of Tibet and that of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism have now seen their advent in our times and before our very eyes now, and cannot be denied by anyone unless they are themselves blinded by anger, hatred, ignorance or madness.

The advent of the King of Shambhala is now directly related to the rise in the world of ignorant creeds that don't favour the study of the highest form of culture in the world, Tiebtan Tantric Budhduism and the favouring of ignorant unlearned faiths, beliefs and creeds. This age of ignorance is to be seen everywhere in the modern age. The signs of this is the progressive razing of all excellence in the world, of ecological mounting of danger with the world's presently  600 millions cars slated to become 1.5 billion in just ten short years. Cars are used to no good use, creating needless trips to make, doing useless activities and going nowhere. The end of times announced by this crazy development of technology and wastefulness, is heralded also by the great battle presently taking place in the world. While some good signs have appeared such as the learned, tolerant faction of Benazir Bhutto has been able to establish in Pakisatn within the Muslim world beause they build upon the wave of sympathy generated by her murder, thus, a tolerant voice can be heard within the Islamic world now. Alongside, in the rest of the world, the forces of ignorance advance forcefully with the advent of the great Satan, Obama, the First, Second Beasts of the Bible.

Secretly, the facts about the Kalachakra are hidden by the Warriors of Shambhala; and inwardly the facts about the thug that stole others' wifes is known, who is the person assigned to watch my Internet posting, whom I mention below. So Kalachakra's path is paved by securing it outwardly inwardly and secretely. Us, the Shambhala Warriors must know we must hold secret the meaning of Kalachakra, and it's moral judgement of the world. Kalachakra represents a period of the worst massacre made by Mankind. It represents the regret and amending for that period towards all the people that it committed sins against. Kalachakra represents atoning for the worst of sins worse even than all the genocides that history has brought back to us. We must also know our insider-enemies by knowing their sins, those of the person who is assigned to watch my postings. We must know the outer dangers of facing up to the forces of obscurity such as killed Bhutto. We must face, oust and try Obama the Antichrist for high treason in faking his birth certificate and gaining the nuke secrets, and bypass the security authorizations fraudulently. This carries the highest sentence of law, and he'll be court-martialed. This is the most heinous crime in the history of the world far,far worse than Hitler, Staline and Pol Pot combined because the Antichrist now holds our fate in his sole hands, by just pressing on the ballistic missile-suitcase button, and can turn us into nuclear dust 1000 times over !!!!!!!!!!!

Very deep study can be conducted by being in contact and this is best done by making visits with each other. The area that my house is situated at, is about an hour's drive from Paris. For information and conditions for lodging and food - for up to six persons - contact this e-mail adress

Donations are welcomed as I have no other work then religion, having practised Buddhism for thirty-eight years, and did not study any other line of work. Please contact me for any help that one can provide at the e-mail adress above: I really need financial help so please do contact me urgently. The advent of Kalachakra will come from people contacting me and furthering this study by studying with me on this hallowed and sacred subject.

Now nothing can hold back the truth of Kalachakra and all the levels of secrecy, inner and outer understanding have all been blocked and no wind, even that of the end of times - can break that open now.

I have made amends to the Dalai Lama, Gyalo Thondup, his brother, to Margarita, whom I had offended in her faith towards Buddha, to my lama, to his wife and children for saying his books had been stolen etc...Both amends and offered my regrets.

Finally, I put my research upon Kalachakra at peoples's disposal now via Internet, by requesting it from me, because the present data available at present on Internet, is not reliable and is a mass of lies. Several points are not in harmony in what is said widely on the web and the Tibetan sources are not trustworthy and are widely, and totally known not to be so.

Kalachakra goes back to it's main author, Buton Rinchen Drub, and the facts of historical importance of his time are totally obliterated from Tibetan memory in a strange selective amnesia. Not only is the tradition passed down by the Kalachakra Tantra not relaible but it is widely known to be totally false, a secret, fabricated, merely allusive legendary tradition and in no way a literally historical record as ignorant scholars or so-called scholars claim it to be.

The studies of my research thus cover this period so as to uncover all that is so carefully covered up. The environning conditions that surrounded the historical and geographical situation of Tibet in Buton's time are examined as well as the centuries leading up to it. By knowing and studying this, the times of Buton are uncovered.

This is vital because by it, thus, time which Kalachakra is the Lord of, is uncovered.

While Tibetan studies presently do not do this.

They are like ostriches with heads in the sand, because they do not examine the banneed and proscribed study of the past as Tibetans have made it be.

Indeed, Kalachakra was made into a secret forbidden theme that only a few could venture to study and then again onloy by repeating the texts like parrots without any critical intellectual research or questionning f facts, of resources and archives.

I have made a constructive and creative study of Kalachakra and thus have revealed it while presently.

All other sources are closed, dogmatic and obscurantist.

Because no one brings any new ground-breaking advances such as I do.

I welcome any new studies made upon the Kalachakra.

For indeed, being the sole free spirit to study it, is uncomfortable.

Indeed, not only that but further still, the world looks like a Middle Ages' Obscurantist realm now.

Inf act, it truely looks mad at present because no one has been able to produce any new progressive and creative study on the Kalachakra.

This is not strange though, for indeed at the times of Illumination of the Renaissance for example the whole world was under a veil of night, while the progress was just in the hands of one or maybe two people such as Leonardo da Vinci etc....

It is thus futile to expect to find two people studying and furthering the Kalachakra at one given time and no one can put forth the same effort and study which I have put twenty-five years into doing.
Presently there is no one on the globe and there has not been someone like that for the last few hundred years, to further and develop the study of Kalachakra in opening it up and revealing the true meaning and thus revealing it's prophecied advent and the Shambhala Kingdom. The world is presently under a deep veil of darkness and night as far as Kalachakra is concerned and no one has ever been able to speak discuss and argue about it so far. I do not think anyone will be able to do it. French people are not even able to understand English and the words written here.

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